Gas Barriers & Hydrocarbon Bunds

We have vast experience in installing Gas Barrier and waterproofing liners on almost every type of structure. We have approved installers with the NVQ Level 2 qualifications guaranteeing the work undertaken and often minimising your validation requirements. Our welding technicians have over 30 years of Gas Barrier experience allowing us to take on any project no matter how detailed, large or unusual.

Our Extensive Range Of Services


Gas Barrier Installation

We have several NVQ L2 Gas Barrier specialists installing all types of barrier on large and small sheds and housing developments. With the NVQ qualification you can rest assured the quality of work is second to none and you can drastically reduce your validation visits, saving time and money.

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Hydrocarbon Bund Barriers

In an attempt to ensure hydrocarbons do not make their way into our water course, we work on a number of fuel management sites and areas of high contamination. We offer varying thicknesses of Hydro Carbon Barriers and work with suppliers of structures to ensure a secondary barrier against large scales spills are managed in the safest way possible.

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